Thursday, May 1, 2008

Visiting Schools

I recently visited three schools in Granite Bay, near Sacramento, CA. Speaking to children about being an author and about the adventures my work takes me on is always a great pleasure. The enthusiasm I see in the students about nature and animals gives me hope that they will help keep our planet healthy enough that we can continue to share it with the wild world.

I stayed at a B&B in the countryside. There, on the outskirts of a major city, I saw springtime nature thriving, with tadpoles in the ponds, butterflies in the air, and birds like this egret fishing. I felt like my own childhood self again, exploring nature and being delightfully surprised by what I found. It was wonderful to see nature alive and well both in the outdoors and in the spirits of the children in the schools. I hope that the children, too, get opportunities to go outside and explore, to make their own discoveries about the wild world that shares their world.


Krishna Kumar.S said...

Excellent work! I like your thoughts. I share the same view too. I hope the future generation realises that the world is being destroyed due to modernisation. Many of us don't realise that we share our planet with wildlife.

It could be nostalgic for you! I can understand that when you said that it remembered of your childhood.

This is Krishna Kumar from India and I would like to follow your blog.

-Krishna Kumar.S

madine said...

nice blog