Saturday, July 21, 2007

Scotland and more

In April, my husband, Greg, and I traveled to Scotland and spent most of the time with our friend, Jocelyn, who was there on an academic exchange program. The house she rented was in Dundee, a perfect place as headquarters for traveling around the country. After we came home, I wrote an article for our local paper, The Missoulian, about the castles we visited. You can see it at
While I loved visiting a new country, I had the same feeling there as I've experienced in continental Europe--people have been there so long and are so densely crammed into the landscape that they can't be escaped. The countryside is beautiful, but everywhere is the mark of humanity--roads, agricultural lands, forestry plots--where we went, nothing wild and natural is left, except on the barren, almost treeless island of Skye. I think I've become delightfully spoiled living in western Montana, where so much land is public and is wild and free, with bears, coyotes, cougars, and even wolves living nearby.

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Krishna Kumar.S said...

You have got a good sense of photography.